DWTS Zendaya, Val Chmerkovskiy, Jacoby Jones, Karina Smirnoff Interviewed About Bond And Next Dances

Entertainment Tonight interviewed Zendaya & Val Chmerkovskiy and Jacoby Jones & Karina Smirnoff getting ready for week 2 of Dancing With The Stars. Karina says the journey is going to be long, but, Jacoby has a lot of desire and discipline. He likes to take the seriousness of it all to another level by being goofy. Zendaya and Val talk of their bond. Zendaya says Val is just “cool” and like a big brother. Val says he usually doesn’t do well with kids, but, Zendaya has a good attitude and is disciplined and sweet. When asked how they will bring sexiness to future dances, Val describes how there are many words to describe and showcase dancing besides “sexy” (you tell ’em Val!)!! Lot’s more below with these two couples. You can see them all dancing too. They look so good!

Also, ABC has an article up on both of these two couples today as well calling them the “early standouts”. Below is a take, but, be sure you read the whole article at the link. I love how Karina calls Jacoby by his full name when he’s in trouble. LOL!

Asked how it felt to be so young and at leading the group of 12 dancers vying for the mirror ball trophy, Zendaya said it was “amazing.

“I think I’m still trying to understand that it really happened,” she said, “and now it’s about working harder and just proving that that’s not all I could do … that’s just a taste of what I can come up with.”

Jones, of the Baltimore Ravens, landed in the middle of the pack with 20 points, but his upbeat performance pleased the ballroom audience and generated a lot of buzz.

Jones admits that he still has a lot to learn about ballroom dancing.

“All I hear about is posture, the smiles and the toes …,” he said.

ADDING: You can see them on GOOD MORNING AMERICA at this link too. Val and Zendaya also spoke with Ryan Seacrest as well today here.

ADDING2: Val wrote about he and Zendaya in a now blog at Today. He’s putting her through some grueling practices…

I want her to be Zendaya at her best. It’s not easy because it’s constant work. I’ve put her through the same grueling practice schedule and work schedule that everybody else goes through, if not probably more. When she goes through that, that’s the result that you see — Monday’s performance. And it doesn’t matter if it’s contemporary, jive or tango. I will put the pressure on and I know a diamond is going to be the result. I just want to keep doing that, keep creating beautiful things, keep putting the pressure on, and see what she can do. I think she can do anything.

ADDING3: More Harlem Shaking with Jacoby and kids!! So cute: