Dancing With The Stars Kym Johnson And Ingo Rademacher Media Before Dance Time


The Global Townhall interviewed Kym Johnson about her dancing career and Dancing With The Stars Season 16. Below is how Kym weighed in on her partner Ingo Rademacher who helped her with her nerves last week versus the other way around. So cute.

Gabrielle Reilly: Do you ever get nervous or have butterflies before a performance and, if so, how do you mentally process that to perform so well?

Kym Johnson: I always get nervous, usually I am the one to calm down my partner – but on Monday, the first show of season 16, I was so much more nervous that Ingo and I felt like he was so calm and he ended calming me down a little. Ingo is so gentle and has such a great chill vibe – he is a perfect complement of a partner!

I agree. I love these two!! Also, don’t miss visiting Celebuzz. Kym talks of the new season, missing Maks, and Lisa’s dog being their official maskot this season. There is cool picture of her and Ingo too.

“I do miss Maksim, but he is with us in spirit. Sean is definitely getting a lot of female adulation and that must be difficult for his new fiancée Catherine Giudici, but I’m sure she can cope,” said Johnson.

“I’m really pleased with my own hunky partner Ingo because he’s athletic, has musicality and most important he does what I tell him!

“The energy behind the scenes this season is great and I’m really enjoying myself. Plus the fact that we now have Giggy the dog as our official mascot.”

ADDING: Below is Kym and Ingo on E News!! Lovessss….

Kym has also written a new blog for Life and Style Magazine. Below is a little take….

It’s going to be important for Ingo to maintain a great frame and posture tonight, since this is a ballroom style of dance. My goal for this whole season is to make Ingo shine and allow him to bring the best out of himself. So far, I think he is succeeding.

Now that the show is officially in full force, we are working constantly. The cast practices about eight hours a day. I will say that all the dancing definitely keeps you fit. For the celebrities, it’s something new and different. So with Ingo, he’s going to have to really eat a lot this season. Otherwise, he’s going to lose so much weight. Already, Ingo thinks he’s lost about five pounds practicing this quick-step routine! We’re working so hard. It’s so much cardio that we do.