PureDWTS Season 16 Week 2 – Media After The Dance, A Few Dances Revealed For Week 3

What a great night of TV again! Let’s get straight to the On The Red Carpet interviews with George Pennacchio….

First, Kelly and Derek! Kellie said she felt more comfortable last night, but, the mirrors on her outfit cut Derek (lol). Derek has more daring moves planned for the future. They are happy with last night’s dance and plan to work hard next week. Derek wants to work to the full capacity and not cut Kellie short for what she can do.

George tells Jacoby that he thinks the judges love his charm, attitude, and fun factor. Karina says she and Jacoby haven’t had a conflict yet and they both respect each other. Jacoby wants to keep getting better and he plans to work hard. Check out his face at the end when Karina says he’s given away their strategy (priceless). He mentions practicing the Rumba and the Jazz (does this mean they have a Rumba next week?).

Zendaya says this whole experience of dancing on Dancing With The Stars is so fun. She loves performing, the work, the judges comments, etc. George asks them about their high scores, but, Val says they don’t plan to think or concentrate on them or how good Zendaya might be. Val says to “get it” and to keep going and reaching expectations, they have to focus on dancing and working really hard (Val, that’s right. Keep this up!). Zendaya agrees.

George asks Andy what it was like having his former “Less Than Perfect” cast mates there for support last night. They talk of how they are “family”. Andy said he cried (awwww) after their dance. He got caught up in all the emotion from what they’ve all been through and was so glad they and his family were there last night. Sharna talks of the creative effort put into their dance and how she and Andy worked together. For whatever happens tonight, Andy is happy for this journey. To see George also interview Andy’s former “Less Than Perfect” cast mates about Andy and the night, see this link.

George says the judges love Ingo!! He and Kym are happy about being in 5th place. It gives them somewhere to go. Kym loves that Ingo is “musical” and can pick it up in his dancing. He loves this show and glad he took the challenge on. If they make it, they have the Paso Doble which they planned to work on last night.

George asks Dorothy about her injury. She explains about her ankle and she feels so bad about their bad performance and hard week. Tristan reassures her how he is not disappointed in her. She gave it all she could under the circumstances and that’s all that matters. They don’t know what will happen if they make it to next week. They will let the medics decide. TV Guide has an article up on this subject of whether Dorothy will continue on as well.

George praises Aly for having no fear. Aly is nervous, but, she just relaxed last night and had fun. Mark talks of when he might play another card soon. They talk of Mark’s tattoos as well. If they make it to week 3 (Prom Week), Aly says she hopes to show a romantic side that people haven’t seen in her yet.

Gleb says Lisa is “a work in progress” and he’s so proud of her!! The competition is tough, but, Lisa says they need to all remember why they decided to dance and that is “to have fun”. It’s been an amazing ride so far. Looking ahead to week 3 if they make it, Gleb wants to work on her confidence.

Sean is glad to be tied in 5th. As long as they improve each week is all that matters. He and Peta are both competitive and want to win. Sean was more comfortable this week and now he knows what it’s about. He tried to put on the best show he could.

Tony plans to take his costume home to his wife. He and Wynonna don’t plan to play it safe, but, she hopes next time (if they make it) it’s about just “having fun and the joy and feeling brilliantly” and that’s it’s not about “the steps” so much. She promises as the journey goes, she plans to get “crazier” and get into the “joy” of it more (I agree, Wynonna! Relax and just have fun!).

George says Victor has a million dollar smile. Victor wants to take it slow, improve every week, and have a good time. They’ve had some breakdowns and frustrating moments in rehearsals, but, Lindsay said to just have fun with it all and that’s what he did last night.

D.L. says, “Meet the new cast of Silver Linings”! They talk of how frustrating it all has been, but, D.L. knows it has to be so he can improve. Cheryl knows she’s a hard and blunt teacher. D.L. says he’s what this competition is all about. He can’t dance and is learning. He’s “America”. No matter what happens, he’s glad he never quit. It’s about the journey. Cheryl ends by asking, “Remember Rob Kardashian?” (sorry, but D.L. is NOT Rob K in my opinion).

For more interviews, see Access Hollywood and Pure Derek Hough. Below is some of the cast out and about after the show from PopTVDotCom….

More coming! Stay tuned and thanks for reading!! πŸ˜‰ xx