DWTS Behind The Scenes With Andy Dick: “There must be chaos in the mind to be a great dancer”

Above are more fun videos from Rumorfix and Andy Dick with some shots behind the scenes from Monday. Derek and Jacoby are in the first video. He interviews Wynonna in the second video.

In other things with Andy, he talks with XFinity about his “Cinderella” story, but, I love this part about Sharna and why she’s the perfect partner for him. He also talks of this week’s Queen of Hearts/MadHatter theme….

You did such a bizarre and wonderful routine tonight. Can you describe it?
AD: Sharna’s the one who came up with Queen of Hearts/Mad Hatter [theme]. I love it! So I was very excited that I was going to get to weird it out [and] act a little and it’s jazz so we were allowed to be a little more kooky weird and creepy and strange too. She let me do it. She was the one that came up with [the move with] my head between her legs. It was a blast.

How do you two relate as partners?
AD: I got a text from somebody from [philosopher] Friedrich Nietzsche. I’m paraphrasing, but I’m not kidding: “There must be chaos in the mind to be a great dancer.” And we both have that. We are so all over the place and I’m going to put words in her mouth. I think what she likes about dancing is all that stuff that all that stuff that’s going on in her brain. She can harness that and it comes out in the dance and you can see the energy. I can feel it! I’m right next to her. It’s sometimes frightening but it’s amazing.

And it’s amazing for us too, Andy and Sharna!! KEEP IT UP!! More at XFinity!!

ADDING: Below is Andy and Sharna with Afterbuzz…