DWTS16 Week 2 Media After The Elimination, More Dances Revealed For Week 3!

Last night after the results show, some of the our couples from Dancing With The Stars were interviewed by George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet. He asks them straight up about week 3….

First up, Andy and Sharna!! They have the Cha Cha for week 3!! Andy said Sharna introduced him to it a little in the beginning and he had a hard time with it. Sharna says they have a difficult week and more hours of practicing ahead, but, (and here’s the fun part and key for him in my opinion), she’s got another fun character for Andy to play. It won’t be your average prom story. It will be about a boy’s fantasy of the ideal woman. Andy also talks of the bond he formed with Dorothy and was sad to see her go.

Gleb and Lisa!! George didn’t get much out of these two. Lisa talks of how hard it was to see Dorothy leave last night. Gleb mentions they may need more props and special effects and that we will have to wait until next week to see what they do.

D.L. hopes to improve again for Week 3 and to have more fun! His schedule has been exhausting, but, he is ready and excited to still dance and thankful to still be on the show. He has nothing, but, good things to say about Dorothy. He was proud of her.

Sean and Peta have a Cha Cha next week! Peta says they will be bringing the crazy and fun and refined steps. Sean’s schedule is tight, but, they work around it.

Victor and Lindsay hope to step it up and work even harder! George reminds them they can still do it like Kelly Monaco did. Lindsay puts her foot down and won’t let Victor be negative.

Tony and Wynonna!! Tony says we might see something from them next week that we have never seen on Dancing With The Stars before. Wynonna also talks about Dorothy for how she is an American treasure, a total class act, a leader, and a hero.

Val talks of how he went to Prom and he knows what it’s about. Zendaya hasn’t experienced prom yet. So, for next week, they are dedicating their dance to her Grandmother who was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and her prom. Zendaya’s dress will be like her Grandmother’s prom dress.

Below is Lisa , Gleb, and D.L. with Access Hollywood! I’m having issues playing Lisa and Gleb’s interview, but, D.L. says and jokes how he went to 5 different proms and made $125 doing it (WHAT?). He is so excited he will be dancing again next week and that America thought he was worth saving.

Note: we know from yesterdays interviews that Jacoby and Karina have a Rumba. Ingo and Kym have a Paso Doble. Tony tweeted he and Wynonna have a Samba!

Also, below is some paparazzi footage of some of the cast out and about after the show last night from PopTVDotCom. It’s good to see Anna and Chelsie again…