Gleb Savchenko And Lisa Vanderpump Laughing And Having Fun On Dancing With The Stars

The Huffington Post has a cute interview up with Lisa Vanderpump and Gleb Savchenko. They talk all about their partnership and chemistry on Dancing With The Stars. I love how they both reacted to this question. Hilarious!

For both of you, which dance are you most looking forward to?
Gleb: “I’m looking forward to all of the sexy dances.”
Lisa: “Oh for God’s sake. Here we go! Don’t even get him started!”
Gleb: [Laughs.]
Lisa: “The sexier it is, the happier he is.”
Gleb: “Exactly.”
Lisa: “And the more I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness.'”

This part is good too where Gleb talks about being a new Pro and what are their most challenging parts about dancing together.

Gleb, you’re the new male pro. Was it nice to be new together?
Gleb: “Well, I think for Lisa it was a double stress. I’m a new guy on the show and she’s never seen me performing and dancing, my choreography or anything. For me, I think of course it has been stressful, but also exciting and I have a lot of pressure. I have to work double hard to prove to everybody else that I’m actually worth it, you know what I mean? I don’t have a fanbase. When I started the show, I had like 243 followers on Twitter. Now I went up to 6,000, but it’s not enough. Other people like Cheryl [Burke], Karina [Smirnoff] and Val [Chmerkovskiy], they have like 300,000, 400,000 followers. For us, it’s really hard. I think it’s one of the reasons. People don’t really vote because they don’t really know me. That’s why we were in the bottom as well.

What’s been the most challenging part so far?
Lisa: “For me, I think obviously, the time constraint. I run my businesses and do my other show, ‘Vanderpump Rules’ and a lot of other things going on. I have another restaurant in development, so yeah, that’s hard for me. Yesterday, my day started at 3 a.m. and tomorrow it will start at 3:30 a.m. That’s hard for me, especially because I have nighttime businesses.”

Gleb: “The most challenging I think is … ”

Lisa: “Dancing with an idiot?”

Gleb: [Laughs.] “We have a good time. We laugh all the time. We only had like two weeks preparation before we started, right? So we’re just having a good time and starting to get to know each other. Lisa has a great sense of humor, but at the same time, it’s hard work. You have to put the choreography together and perform at the end of the day. You have to think about that as well. Sometimes I have to be very strict with her — that’s the most challenging part because we laugh and then I have to be very strict. That doesn’t go together. That’s the most difficult part. Plus, as Lisa already said, she’s very busy with work — we don’t have as much time as the other dancers and celebrities have. We have like maybe three to four hours a day in which we can really concentrate and work hard. We don’t have time to sit down and have a cup of tea or something like that. That’s the part of the process that’s the most challenging, I think.”

More at the Huffington Post. Also, HitFix has a fun interview with them too. Below is a little take. You know where to go for more. Lisa has such a wicked sense of humor!!

What hasn’t worked, at least initially, for Vanderpump was the physical closeness ballroom dance required. “That is kind of strange at first,” Vanderpump admitted.

“She’s getting used to it, though. She comes to rehearsal now and says I want to do a little bit of that this week,” Savchenko said.

“He’s actually laying on top of me right now,” Vanderpump joked. “Get off of me, come on now!”

But Savchenko explained that, even though his emphasis is on Latin dance, it’s not the only style that requires dancers to get up close and personal. “In all of ballroom dancing, you have to have close contact to create that proper shape. In the Viennese waltz, what we’re doing this week, we don’t have that much contact, which I actually really miss.”

“I’m just trying to get through this,” Vanderpump countered. “I mean, my God, the first week it was, connect your groins!”

I hope these two do well next week. I’ve loved their dancing and Lisa is better than she realizes!