Mark Ballas And Aly Raisman To Dance To An Ed Sheeran Song For DWTS Prom Week

In a new blog in USA Today, pro Mark Ballas writes about last Monday night’s dance with partner Aly Raisman. It was so rewarding to hear Carrie Ann tell them they had the best Quickstep of the night. He also talks about the days that followed this week with travelling to Boston, rehearsals, and how Aly is handling the Viennese Waltz very well so far. More below and be sure you read the link as he has some kind words for Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler as well.

This week we are taking on the Viennese waltz. I love this dance and although it’s Aly’s first romantic dance, she is handling it very well. She’s not shy at all about getting in my face and taking on the character!

We had to fly to Boston this week for her little sister’s bat mitzvah and the first day of training there was tough for me. I had a mental block and couldn’t really think of any choreography because the room was too small and had no mirrors. But the next day, we changed rehearsal spaces — to a room painted lime green (my favorite color!). The new place gave off better vibes and I knocked out the routine in two hours.

The theme this week is “Prom Week” which makes it fun, considering I grew up in England and never got to go to prom. So, it’s kind of cool I get to make up for it here with Aly. Another great thing about our dance this week is the song. We are dancing to an Ed Sheeran song and he is one of my favorite artists at the moment. It’s really inspiring to be able choreograph to a song you love and can relate to.