New Twist To The Las Vegas Odds For DWTS 16 Week 3 – What do you think?

“I like to be against the odds.” ~Baseball great Barry Bonds on beating the odds

Sports Bovada has posted their new set of odds for Dancing With The Stars Season 16 Week 3. Sometimes I wonder if they even watch the show as they still have Dorothy Hamill listed and at 7/1 odds to win. 😯 After seeing such an amazing dance from Derek and Kellie Pickler last week, I’m shocked they have Kellie placed at 4th too. Crazy and in no way should Aly be placed at 3rd. I also don’t think Lisa should not be in last place (should’t that go to D.L.?). Andy Dick’s odds should have risen and not lowered too. Take a look and see what you think….

Zendaya Coleman 5/2
Jacoby Jones 4/1
Aly Raisman 9/2
Kellie Pickler 5/1
Dorothy Hamill 7/1
Ingo Rademacher 16/1
Sean Lowe 16/1
Andy Dick 75/1
D.L. Hughley 75/1
Victor Ortiz 75/1
Wynonna Judd 75/1
Lisa Vanderpump 100/1

Last week’s Las Vegas Odds to compare:

Zendaya Coleman 2/1
Aly Raisman 7/2
Kellie Pickler 7/2
Jacoby Jones 5/1
Dorothy Hamill 7/1
Ingo Rademacher 15/1
Sean Lowe 15/1
Andy Dick 50/1
Victor Ortiz 50/1
Lisa Vanderpump 75/1
Wynonna Judd 75/1
D.L. Hughley 100

Also, and for fun, below are the odds from Wynn Las Vegas currently. Unlike last week and versus the set above, I think this set is more realistic…..well, with an exception to Aly being in second. What are they seeing in her that I’m not? 😯

Kellie Pickler Derek Hough 4 TO 1
ALY RAISMAN Mark Ballas 9 TO 2
ZENDAYA COLEMAN Valentin Chmerkovskiy 5 TO 1
JACOBY JONES Karina Smirnoff 6 TO 1
Wynonna Judd Tony Dovolani 14 TO 1
ANDY DICK Sharna Burgess 20 TO 1
Sean Lowe Peta Murgatroyd 22 TO 1
D.L. HUGHLEY Cheryl Burke 70 TO 1
Lisa Vanderpump GLEB SAVCHENKO 75 TO 1

So, do the Odds makers have it right or wrong this week and which set do you like better? Let’s get Miss Heidi’s and Courtney’s thoughts and be sure you let us know what you think too in comments.

Courtney: Well…I guess if you sort of combined the two sets of odds, you’d get some semblance of odds that actually make sense! The big head-scratcher for me is why both of them think that Victor has so much better odds than Lisa – ummm hello, both were in the bottom 2, and I’m starting to lean towards Victor being the one that would have gotten the axe had Dorothy not bowed out.  Speaking of which – I have to wonder if Dorothy’s exit is going to benefit Aly somewhat, since I thought they might be splitting Olympic votes.  Maybe the oddsmakers had the same idea, since Aly is still up there – or maybe they’re witnessing the early stages of pimpage like we are, and know that having TPTB on your side usually helps a couple to stick around.  But yeah, guys – maybe remove the lady that LEFT THE COMPETITION THIS WEEK from your list, as it just makes you look…intoxicated.  😯

Heidi: I totally don’t get the Aly thing.  She ain’t all that, people.  At least, not yet. In terms of dancing, this is between Kellie and Zendaya and overall it’s likely between Jacoby, Zendaya and Kellie with Aly in fourth. And there is still time for someone…Aly, Ingo, Andy…to play spoiler and move into that top three while moving someone else out.  So, both set of odds I think have the top 4 correct – and they have it VERY close – but just not in the right order, IMO.  I also think that both sets have Sean to high and Andy too low. And WTF with Victor not being low man on the totem poll with Lisa?? Makes no sense.  Also…depending on how this next week goes for Jacoby, I may revise my “he’s a sure thing” stance. Unless he starts getting more attention, I may switch it to Zendaya winning this thing, mainly because she’s getting the pimpage AND her fans are batshit crazy. Of course, bsc is a double edged sword – are they spending all their time tweeting and spamming Kellie pics on @DancingABC or are they voting with the same passion. Cuz you don’t win by spamming the competition. You win by voting.  I’m not entirely confident that the bulk of her fanbase understands that…or is allowed up past 9 pm. 😀