Dancing with the Stars Season 16, Week 3 – Who’s Dancing What…and When?

The dreaded Prom Night. Almost a guarantee of SUPER CHEESE and probable stupidity. Complete with Prom King and Queen – which translates to another win for Zendaya, since it’s apparently based on Twitter votes. I guess all we can hope for is that it lulls her fans into not voting. Because nothing pisses me off more than pimpage. Here’s what ABC.com has to say:

You can help select the King and Queen of the night by using Twitter. Here’s how:

Just Tweet hash tag “prom” followed by the first name of the male star or female star of your choice. Don’t forget to select your favorite King and Queen. Twitter selection for our King and Queen will be open until Tuesday morning at 11 AM ET/8 AM PT. The hashtag should read #prom and then the first name of the celebrity. For example #promandy #promwynonna

The male and female Stars who each receive the most number of tweets will be named Prom King and Queen for the night and each be awarded two extra points for the night.

DWTS TPTB: “Yeah…our main demo for DWTS is older women….and they suck, so lets try to get more young ‘uns to watch by having them vote on twitter for Prom Queen and King. Okay, so it didn’t really work so well last week as we still got hammered by The Voice, but hey! It could work…eventually. Yeah, we know it means that Zendaya will win everything, cuz old ladies don’t tweet, and that could skew the voting…but we don’t actually CARE about that. So what if we alienate the old ladies who watch our show…we’re just sure the key demo will come to us…eventually. And they’re way more important.”

:::rolls eyes::: I’m getting sick of this crap and it’s only week 3. Seriously – two extra points? What stupid gimmick are they going to come up with next week?? Are they really this desperate??

Clearly, the answer is yes.

ETA: What kind of prom has a couple dancing to “Sex Machine”??  I’m also GUESSING that Ingo is dancing to Queen, since that sounds like a Paso song to me. Anyway, I’ve put the dances in the order that I think they’ll be dance

ETA2: Nailed it on Lisa and gleb 🙂

ETA3: Two for two!!:-)

ETA4: Off by one spot for DL and Cheryl. All good rolls come to an end. 🙂

ETA5: Well, I was doing so well with my predictions. Off on Victor by 2 sports. Oh well. 🙂

ETA6: Ugh. Waste of a perfectly good “pimp” spot…although I wager it’s as close to the original meaning as it’s ever going to get. 🙂 Maybe the “family” needs some help, eh?

ETA7: Well, I get home late from work and see there is some confusion as to who is going last. Since Zendaya said “last” and Peta said 11th, I’m betting they shuffled the order based on the dress rehearsal and Zendaya’s order is current. Who knows?? Kellie is going at the top of the hour, which is good. Zendaya going last makes more sense than Sean.

Here are the dancers and their dances.

Aly and Mark – V. Waltz
Dancing 1st
Voting # 1-800-868-3408

Andy and Sharna – Cha Cha Cha
Dancing 2nd
Voting # 1-800-868-3411

Ingo and Kym – Paso Doble
Dancing 3rd
Voting # 1-800-868-3403

Lisa and Gleb –  V. Waltz
Dancing 4th
Voting # 1-800-868-3404

Kellie and Derek – Jive
Dancing 5th
Voting # 1-800-868-3401

DL and Cheryl – Salsa (Song: Sex Machine by James Brown)
Dancing 6th
Voting # 1-800-868-3405

Victor and Lindsay – Contemporary
Dancing 7th
Voting # 1-800-868-3402

Jacoby and Karina –  Rumba
Voting # 1-800-868-3412

Wynonna and Tony – Samba
Dancing 10th
Voting # 1-800-868-3410

Sean and Peta – Cha Cha Cha
Dancing 11th??
Voting # 1-800-868-3407

Zendaya and Val – Waltz
Dancing 11th ??
Voting # 1-800-868-3406

This is also from ABC.com:

Here are some the songs you’ll hear Monday night – were any of them played at your prom?

“Do You Think I’m Sexy” – by Rod Stewart
“Footloose” by Kenny Loggins
“Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen
“Y.M.C.A” by the Village People

Am I correct in thinking that, with the only Jive on the roster, Kellie and Derek have Footloose?? Derek should be a little familiar with that particular song. 🙂