DWTS16 Gleb Savchenko And Lisa Vanderpump Under Lock-And Key Before Showtime Week 3

Lisa Vanderpump was a guest on KITV. She answered questions about Jiggy, the Real Housewives, and Dancing With The Stars. About dancing, she talked about being at risk last week of elimination. She encourages all of her fans to vote this coming week if they want to see her stay. She was sad about seeing Dorothy leave last week, but, is so glad to know her and all of the cast. She’s met amazing new friends. Lots more at the link!!

There is also a fun article at People.com on she and Gleb. Here is a little take….

…the 29-year old newbie already has a slew of tactics to keep himself from being swallowed up by his dance partner.

“I actually took my shirt off on the very first rehearsal to be like, ‘Okay girl, we gotta work it! If you want to be in this rehearsal, maybe I can drag you in by taking off my shirt,’ ” Savchenko tells PEOPLE of working with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star (and PEOPLE.com blogger). “And she was like, ‘I like that! Okay, let’s go.’ ”

With results like that the fresh-faced pro decided to stick with what was working – mostly.

“Every day I still do that,” Savchenko says while attending the Los Angeles premiere of G.I. Joe: Retaliation. “I promise her but I actually don’t take off my shirt, and as soon as she’s in there I lock the door and say, ‘You’re going to stay here and we’re going to concentrate on hard work.’ ”

Once he had Vanderpump under lock-and-key, Savchenko thought using laughter might soften the physical toll of the practices.

“She’s got a great sense of humor, and everything that I tell her she makes a joke out of it,” the Moscow native says. “We laugh all of the time, like probably the entire first week, and that’s probably why we had very bad scores, because we laugh throughout the whole rehearsal.”

Much luck to these two Monday night!