Aly Raisman And Mark Ballas Have a Surprise Planned For Viennese Waltz On Dancing With The Stars

Aly Raisman tells TV Guide that she and partner Mark Ballas have a surprise in store for everyone on Dancing With The Stars tonight when they dance their Viennese waltz and it won’t be cheesy. They hope everyone is going to like it. She also talks of what her dress will be like which sounds really pretty. Here is more….

How’s the Viennese waltz going?
Aly Raisman: It’s good. We have a shorter time to learn the dance now and I came home [to Boston] this week for my sister’s Bat Mitzvah … but it’s going well. I’m really excited about it. I’m glad it’s a slower dance and not the quickstep or jive or something fast with lots of steps. I love the song we have and the story we’re telling.

What’s the story? Is Mark asking you to prom?
Raisman: He’s not. [Laughs] It’s a really cool surprise. I can’t really say more than that. It’s not a clichéd, cheesy thing at all. I like it a lot. I hope people understand it and like it. It’s mature, so hopefully I’ll be able to pull it off.

What’s your prom dress?
Raisman: It’s a lilac purple and goes down to the floor. It’s chiffon and really elegant, but it’s kind of like a prom dress too.

How does that compare to your real prom dress?
Raisman: My prom dress was chocolate brown with a not-very-low V-neck. It had cap sleeves with beading and crystals on them.

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