PureDWTS Interviews And Media After Week 3’s Dances, A Cast Full Of Heart

What another great night…and one with a cast full of heart and emotion. George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet asks the couples all about it in his new interviews. He gets their reactions on their dances last night too. Let’s get right to them…..

First up, Jacoby and Karina. George starts out asking Jacoby about all of his funny faces. He talks of how he is a male version of Karina. They are so much alike. George says the producers picked such a great cast for the heart this season. There is so much harmony and they are all friends.

Kellie can’t believe they are at the top of the leaderboard. Derek loves this season and cast so much because everyone is so “real” and full of raw emotion. When asked and put on the spot, Kellie doesn’t know if they can make it to the finals. She’s just there to work hard and have fun not the competitiveness so much.

Val is usually not too concerned about what the judges say. He usually sees the issues and knows what to do to improve. He’s so proud of Zendaya and happy so far with her. Zendaya talks of how there is a funny side of Val that the camera doesn’t see. She says there is heart in the cast because that’s who she and they are. She is happy her Grandmother loved their dance last night and that’s all that matters versus scoring and anything else.

Ingo was a little disappointed with last night’s dance because of a wardrobe malfunction they had. He also didn’t feel as comfortable with this dance until yesterday morning. They had some challenging moments this past week, but, they work it out and aren’t dramatic.

Andy tells George says this is a cast of “sensitive artists” (so true!). He wants to cry almost all of the time. Next week (if they make it), their dance will be for his 15 year old daughter. George tells Andy the crowd loves and enjoys what they are doing out there regardless of their scores. Andy isn’t happy with his scores and the Cha Cha was harder for him, but, he’s hoping next week will be better. He’s says their dance will be slower.

George says Lisa felt more comfortable last night and this was her best dance so far (I agree!). Lisa agrees there has been a lot of emotion in the cast and they are all so friendly. Gleb says everyday he and Lisa have fun and they talk (joke) mostly about sex. Lisa says he’s busted now. Hilarious! They are happy with their dance last night and improvement.

Victor and Lindsay!! Victor says the judges positive remarks last night were like “music to his ears”. It’s so exciting, but, he knows he still has a lot of work to do. Lindsay is so proud of him. George praises his heart. Victor says he always tries to choose the high road. Lots of big smiles with these two for this interview this week. So cute!

Mark says there is always drama on the show, but, when Aly has an issue, you’d never know. She won’t complain and just works hard. It’s a great strength to have. Aly says Mark is always making her laugh. She’s happy for where they are at on the leaderboard, but, the tie reminds her of the Olympics. They are taking it all one day at a time.

Below is Wynonna and Tony, but, for some reason the video doesn’t play for me. Hopefully, they will get things fixed soon?

D.L. and Cheryl are upset about the judges and being attacked and verbally abused by the judges. He didn’t sign up to do the show for that. He knows he’s not going to win, but, he’s there to have fun.

Sorry there wasn’t an interview with Sean, Peta, and George this time!! However, E News interviewed them. Like D.L., they weren’t happy with the judges comments either….

“I’m not happy about what Len said, to be quite honest,” Murgatroyd tells us. She is referring to Len Goodman critiquing their lack of Jive during the dance.

“I felt there was plenty of Jive,” she insists. “There was a lot of Jive and there was a couple of Lindy Kicks and that was it.”

Already the stakes are high, and everyone is taking this competition very seriously—proof of that revealed in the packages that ran before the dancers took the floor. Case in point: D.L. Hughley lashing out at partner Cheryl Burke.

“I was humiliated, and I think when you’re hurt and humiliated you lash out at the people who are trying to do you the most good,” Hughley says. “At the end of the day, you know I feel like we did what we had promised we would do. She made me keep my promise to myself, and that is ultimately what’s most important to me. I doubted myself and she just didn’t let me feel bad for myself.”

Also, seven of the couples were interviewed by Access Hollywood for which you can view here. Below is the cast with ET. D.L. doesn’t have a very happy face, does he?!

More coming up! Stay tuned!!! We may add more to this post too, so keep watching just in case!! 😉 Thanks for reading All!!xxx

UPDATE: HERE is PopTVDotcom with some coverage of some of the cast at some after parties.