Dancing With The Stars Season 16 Dances Revealed For Week 4, Post Elimination Media

Let’s get right to the On The Red Carpet interviews to see what George could find out for us about next week’s dances. First up, Victor and Lindsay! This couple is so happy they did better this week. They have the Paso Doble and Lindsay plans to bring out the vicious and mean side of Victor. Uhhh oh….

Val is excited for next week’s dance. He loves the song they have and it will be full of energy. Their new dance will compliment Zendaya’s strengths. She will shine more than she has this season yet. They have the Samba. Zendaya picked the year she decided what to do with her life.

Peta and Sean talk of how they have the best partnership. They talk of their quirks and how they are always laughing at stupid things. These two have the Viennese Waltz next week. Sean hopes it will be about form, posture, graceful, and fluid and everyone will love it.

Lisa and Gleb are happy they are dancing for another week. George points out that just because they were in the bottom this week means they aren’t getting the votes. They have the Cha Cha next week. They have a New York trip and Gleb hopes they won’t miss out on rehearsal time or they will find themselves at the bottom again.

Jacoby and Karina get goofy with George. Jacoby makes funny faces and then they talk seriously about how hard it is to see someone leave on the show. They have the Fox Trot next week which Jacoby is having trouble with. Karina says they plan to take the audience on a journey with his best year and we’ll be surprised in a good way.

As usual, Kym doesn’t mention their dance. But, they have a touching story planned for his best year and it’s close to his heart. They have a really good song and it’s fitting. Could it be about a romance or his wedding? ADDING: according to an interview at ET, Ingo and Kym have the Viennese Waltz. Thanks Tumbles.

Mark says they are dancing to his favorite kind of dance next week (HELP! I can’t understand the style he mentioned?). He and Aly plan to step out of the box. He plans to do the “Mark Ballas” thing. Aly picked the year she went to the Olympics. ADDING: According to one of our readers, Mark said “Contemporary”.

D.L. and George talk of the judges and his complaint. Mark Ballas steps in for support. D.L. says that’s life sometimes and he hopes not to give it anymore time in his head. He won’t give up. He and Cheryl have the Fox Trot.

Access Hollywood interviewed some of the couples as well which you can watch at this link. Since On The Red Carpet didn’t have a video for Andy and Sharna, here they are below. They talk of the elimination and how horrid and dramatic it was to experience. Andy tried to prepare himself and almost fainted. He wanted so badly to stick around so they can do what they have planned for next week. They have the Viennese Waltz. Sharna says it will be a really heartfelt and deep. Sharna has come up with something Andy can take with him forever. Andy says it will be so “right”. Stay tuned. We have an exclusive interview to post with Sharna later where she talks more on Andy.

ADDING: And here is their On The Red Carpet interview which has now been posted. Thanks to Butterflywhirl for sending and everyone for helping make this post complete with their additions in comments…

For all things on Derek and Kellie, be sure to visit Pure Derek Hough. Don’t forget that according to their GMA interview on Monday, they have a Rumba next week.

And here is PopTVDotCom with some footage of the cast after the show last night…..

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