Aly Raisman Is Hoping To Impress Carrie Ann Inaba With Her Next Dance On DWTS

Ally Raisman has penned a new blog at She writes of what she did after the show Monday night. She also gives her thoughts about spray tanning and who has it easier on this show: male or female celebs? Below she gives us a glimpse for what’s ahead Monday night for she and Mark’s new dance. She’s wanting to impress Carrie Ann the most.

Next week, I’m dancing contemporary, and I’m excited to start learning today. This week’s theme is all about the best year of your life, so for me, that would be competing at the Olympics this past summer. This week definitely means a lot to me, and I hope people back home love it, too. I’m not really sure what to expect for our contemporary dance. I’m sure Mark will have some amazing idea like always. The song that we’re dancing to is really beautiful. It’s a song that I listened to every day before I competed during the Olympics and during practices, so it will definitely bring back a lot of memories. I’m really excited to perform to it.

Right now, the judge I’m hoping to impress most is Carrie Ann [Inaba]. I don’t think she’s been very impressed with me the past few weeks, so I want to really impress her and make her think that I went all out and that I didn’t lose character throughout the dance.

I agree how she needs to work on not breaking character. I also think she needs to work on stage presence and personality. What do you think?