PureDWTS Exclusive: Sharna Burgess Talks About Dancing And Her Journey With Andy Dick So Far

This week we had a chance to visit with dance pro Sharna Burgess about Dancing With The Stars and her partner and Andy Dick!!! Before reading our new interview, which dance do you think has been her favorite dance so far and why? If you guessed their Jazz dance, you guessed correctly. She also answered some questions on costuming and how she’s grown as person dancing with him. More below….

What has been your favorite dance so far with Andy and why?

I love all of them so much it’s hard to chose!! But if I had to say one it would be our jazz, he was just incredible and completely became the character. It was fun to create and fun to play 🙂

What has been your favorite costume so far and what’s it been like putting them all together? All of them have been so cool, but, the Poker Face Week 2 costumes were pure genius!

:))) that one Is definitely my fave too!!! I love getting creative not only choreographically but with the whole production from music to wardrobe and set. Our wardrobe team is just amazing, I take them these crazy ideas and they help me make them work. I’m hoping to keep that same unique vibe to our look for the whole season.

Andy remarked how you’ve helped him grow as a man and a person in the Access Hollywood interview, how has he helped you too?

He’s helped me challenge myself artistically. Funny isn’t normally my strong suit, my strengths are passion fire intensity and power, so I’ve had to find another part of myself to create these routines. His a wonderful human being and I’ve loved being a part if his journey.

If you were to describe you and Andy’s journey in three words, what would they be?

Beautiful, Emotional, Rewarding

And it’s been that way for many of us too!!^^ THANKS SHARNA and we can’t wait to see you and Andy dance again this coming week!!!

Picture courtesy of ABC