Derek Hough Writes of DWTS Rehearsals, Special Performance, and More

Pictured above is Kellie Pickler arriving for rehearsals this week for Dancing With The Stars looking cute as always. You can view more pictures of her at Zimbio Pictures.

Also, be sure to head over to Pure Derek Hough when you can. Heidi has collected video coverage of Kellie and Derek’s guest appearance on The Ellen Show. Derek has also written a new blog where he talks of missing a day of rehearsals with Kellie. He also chats about his upcoming Results Show performance and their mistakes with the last dance! Don’t miss this and more in detail at Pure Derek Hough and be sure to give Heidi a shout out.

ADDING: Here is the part Derek wrote about “twitter” that Heidi mentioned in comments that makes you wonder if he’s reading us….

I like that they never tell us the vote rankings. I don’t think that’s necessary. What’s the point? I suppose it’s a better way to create a story and drama from a production point of view, but it’s enough to know the bottom two. Revealing the full rankings would add nothing except make people feel worse if they’re at the bottom or if they’re lower than they expected. Also, if someone is consistently in the top, fans might get complacent and not vote. I love the Twitter voting that we’ve been doing this season, even though they never put the pros’ handles up! But seriously, I think it’s cool that we’re engaging fans more. However, there’s a drastic flaw in that because whoever has the most followers is at a huge advantage. Plus, we have new pros who are unknown to fans, so that doesn’t help either. And depending on the core of your fan base, your fans might not be all that tech-savvy. Again, I like that they’re doing this, but there are some drawbacks. I also feel bad for the people who will never have a chance to win it. Andy and Sharna’s Lady Gaga performance two weeks ago was the highlight. That was just so much fun and a one-of-a-kind performance. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wanted to see that again. Zendaya and Val were absolutely amazing and they rocked their encore, but I do like when those special moments get encores. I feel like the judges have done a good job picking those over the years.