DWTS16 Mark Ballas And Aly Raisman To Dance About Ups And Downs Of Her Olympic Experience

Mark Ballas writes all about he and Aly Raisman’s new dance in his new blog for USA Today. He seems really excited about this dance. Here is more….

I’m really excited about our dance and song this week. The theme is “best year of your life” and for Aly, of course, that would be the Olympics. I’m looking forward to translating all the hours of hard work. For instance, all of the ups, the downs, the frustration, the joys, the focus and drive it took for her to win the gold medal into movement this week.

The song we have is a beautiful rendition of a song she would listen to during warm-ups at the Olympics. It’s going to be a change of pace for Aly this week since she hasn’t had to tap into such a deep character yet. And she is coping very well! I’m excited for you all to see this piece as I think it is very moving and heartfelt.

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