Andy Dick And Sharna Burgess Give Fans A Teaser For Tonight’s Touching Dance On DWTS

Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess chatted about their Viennese Waltz planned for Dancing With The Stars Week 4 with OK! Magazine. I love how passionate they both sound. They are making me tear up already. Check this out….

“We have a beautiful story (to tell) which is not fabricated in any way,” explains Sharna. “It’s very true and very real about Andy, something I discovered about him. I want everyone to know. He says he’s ready to do it. It’s about his daughter and the day he became a father. Not everybody knows he has a daughter and he has such an amazing connection with her. They share a favorite song and we’ll be dancing to that song. It’s going to be a really special week. It’s not going to be crazy or funny or weird or twisted.”

“It’s almost too much,” adds Andy. “It’s going to be beautiful.”

Andy’s three children—Lucas, Jacob and Meg—have been in the Dancing audience each week, surprising to many who didn’t even realize the former NewsRadio star was a father. He excited to dedicate this dance to 15-year-old Meg.

“When I talk about her I well up,” says Andy. “The thing about the relationship with my daughter is that—I went through it with my two sons from age 15 to 16—they became different people almost overnight. They become kids to adults almost overnight. And this is the last…this is it for her to be daddy’s little girl. It’s really going to be a hard one.”