Dancing with the Stars Season 16: Week 4 Score Predictions

*sighs* And it is another contemporary dance that throws off the predictions this week. Go figure. This time (according to Heidi’s Who is Dancing What and When) it is Aly / Mark with the contemporary routine.

Predictions are slightly different this week as they are the averages of the scores from the previous seasons from the “First Third” and the “Second Third” of previous seasons. “First Third” being the first four weeks of the season and the “Second Third” being the middle four weeks of the season.


So what about last week? Well…


Well the above table is a comparison of the predicted scores to that of the actual scores from Week 3.

When comparing the scores between the two the point difference column “theoretically” shows if anyone is being overscored or underscored from week to week.

Granted at times like with D L / Cheryl the scores actually make sense and as thus the difference between the predicted and actual scores is legit.

As you can see the majority of the couples’ actual scores are less than that of the predicted scores which leads me to believe that the judges may actually be trying to scores more “properly” than in the past…

Hmm… this might warrant further investigation, but that’s a later post.