Lisa Vanderpump Plans On Staying With Dancing With The Stars As Long As She Can

Lisa Vanderpump writes all about last week for how she and Gleb travelled to New York City. As you know from previous postings, they were on LIVE With Kelly And Michael. She also attended the Bravo Upfronts Party. However, they kept up with rehearsals and travelled back to Los Angeles afterwards. She’s also been fighting a bug and one day she fainted during rehearsals as many of you have been speaking about in comments. Below is more including some thoughts on their dance tonight.

By the time Thursday rehearsals rolled around – let’s just I was exhausted and everything felt off. Gleb and I were rehearsing our cha cha and suddenly I just blacked out.

I was in shock when I woke up. I fainted only once before in my life. The doctor found that I had a viral infection with fever and swollen glands. And between trying to fight that and all of the stress on my body from running around, I ended up with low blood pressure and a rapid heart rate, which is why I fainted.

I am still fighting the bug and feeling under the weather but I am staying in the game as long as they say I can. And I will give it my best!

The cha cha is a very difficult dance but this is a style of dance, which Gleb excels and I want to make him proud. Wish us luck! As always, we will need it!

GOOD LUCK, Lisa and Gleb!! You can do it!! More at

ADDING: Gleb was on the Ryan Seacrest this morning. You can listen here. Check out how he’s going to be on an episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Thanks to Lori for the heads up!