DWTS Season 16, Week 4 – Who Got the Boot? (SPOILERS)

Wow…I’m so glad that I spent time voting for that big pro dance that Val won. Or Zendaya’s fans won. 😀  All it amounted to was a 20 second bumper into the commercial?? Yeah, I think that TPTB had something else planned and punted to the pro dance idea. Brilynn Rakes – very inspiring, beautiful dance.   The rest…will be covered in the Cheesecake. 🙂

Dang, how about that – I was right on target with the bottom two but a fail with the couple to be eliminated. Victor and Lisa in the bottom two, with Lisa being eliminated.  How did we all do??

Heidi: Said Victor and Lisa would be the bottom two with Victor going home. Close, but no cigar. 🙂

Courtney: Said Lisa and Victor in the bottom two with Lisa going home.

Vogue:  Said DL and Lisa would be in the bottom two, with Lisa going home.

Winner??  Courtney was 100% right, but Brilynn Rakes won the night for being an inspiration and getting to dance with her favorite dancer on National TV. I got weepy right along with Derek. 🙂