PureDWTS Season 16 Week 4 Media After The Dance (Videos)

What a show once again last night!! Let’s get right to the media afterwards with On The Red Carpet with George Pennacchio. He gets their reaction on their dances. He also asks on their weaknesses….

First up, Derek and Kellie. Derek starts out the interview doing some Michael Jackson beats and then he sings. They are happy about last night’s dance. Then they get serious and Kellie talks of what last night’s dance meant to her. Of her weaknesses, Derek says it’s her nerves which he hopes he can work on.

George praises Val for his youth appropriate choreography. Val knows Zendaya is pretty…but, he wants more for her when she dances like passion which is appropriate for any age versus romance. They are happy with the judges comments and are glad they understand what they are trying to do. Val says Zendaya’s weakness is himself. He feels it’s up to him to come up with good choreography and present her right. She’s just happy she’s learning and growing….and she’s having a good time.

I can’t get the video to work for Jacoby and Karina at this time. Hopefully, you can?

George tells Andy he’s never seen Carrie Ann break down the way she did last night. Andy is happy. If this was their last dance, he is glad they did something so “meaningful”. It meant so much. When asked on Andy’s weaknesses, Sharna says it’s his technique. At the top of his form is the performance factor and the love for it all.

Kym is so proud of Ingo!! She loved how his wife cried after their dance. They are glad the judges liked their dance. Ingo talks of some of the imperfections he had, but, he loved their dance and how much it meant to him and his wife. Ingo says his biggest weaknesses is not being a dancer and that he is lazy sometimes. Kym says his strengths is that people can relate to him.

Aly and Mark are so happy they are at the top of the leader board. He’s so glad the show added the Contemporary dance as it’s his favorite. He highlights his favorite parts of the dance (while Derek pokes in to tease him lol). Mark says Aly’s biggest weaknesses is her timing, but, she’s getting better.

Sean says the scores were fair, but, he needs to step it up. Peta loved their dance regardless of their low scores. Sean says his biggest weakness is to stop thinking so much. Peta says he has the heart, but, needs to work on technique. Sean is stressed and hopes people voted. He wants to stick around.

Lindsay and Victor!! George loved their story and dance, but, doesn’t understand what happened with the scores. Victor says he messed up with his steps and arms. He tried to do what Lindsay said. Lindsay praised Victor for his intensity. Being they are tied at the bottom, he’s worried. Lindsay says his biggest weakness is the amount of time they have for rehearsals and not to waste it with negativity between them, but, his work ethic is there.

D.L. and Cheryl can’t believe they received three “7’s”! He thanks Cheryl for her choreography skills and pushing him to his limit. She says D.L. stepped it up. D.L. said he loved this dance because it just felt good. He plans to keep on this path and not worry about the judges criticism and have fun. His biggest weakness is that he can’t dance, but, he knows how to take a punch.

Sorry, but, there isn’t an interview with Lisa and Gleb!! Also, and at this time, Access Hollywood doesn’t have any interviews up, but, watch this link closely as they may post them later? Below is some of the cast talking with ET Online about Lisa and her blackout….

And here is some the cast out and about after the show with PopTVDotCom. You can view more at this link as they keep adding more.

Ok, that is all for now. More in a bit!! Thanks for reading and watching. ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx