Dancing With The Stars Post Elimination Media With Lisa Vanderpump And Gleb Savchenko

And so we say good-bye to another couple from Dancing With The Stars Season 16: Lisa Vanderpump and new pro Gleb Savchenko. What I’ll remember about these two is they were both so refreshing from the time they stepped out on the dance floor. Many fans were wishing for changes this season and these two new faces and personalities couldn’t have been more perfect. Both were full of air, fun, brightness, class, and grace. What’s more Lisa had a wicked and sexy sense of humor that stopped Gleb and many of us in our tracks on occasion. Though on the serious side, I always thought she was much harder on herself than she needed be and in the end, this and her other commitments got the best of her. I think she could have stayed around a few more weeks if only she would have been able to throw all of those things to the wind and danced, but, it just got too hard in the end and her mind and body couldn’t handle it. On the plus and most importantly, Lisa has gained some new fans (one being myself), not to mention the new friends she met along the way, and she helped introduce us to a new pro dancer that most all of us are loving!!!! That’s what I’ll always remember about her and I’ll miss her cute little dog Jiggy too.

With all that said, here is a new interview after their elimination with On The Red Carpet….

Stay tuned. We may have more with these two a little later.xx

ADDING: Here they are with Afterbuzz….