DWTS2013 Gleb Savchenko, Maks Chmerkovskiy, Tony Dovolani Get Ready To Dance, 10 Facts On Gleb


Isn’t this a great photo of Gleb Savchenko, Maks Chmerkovskiy, and Tony Dovolani? Gleb posted this picture at facebook and twitter of him in rehearsals for a new dance number on Dancing With The Stars next week. This is going to be fun, isn’t it?!!

Also, and speaking of Gleb, you can read a fun interview with him at Heavy.com for some fun facts you may not know. Below are two which I found interesting, but please, let’s hope he decides to take up a permanent residence in the United States too and the producers will still want him to come back next season?!!

1. The Guy Knows Everybody.
Gleb may be the newbie this season, but he’s pretty much known the rest of the dancers on the show for years. So, coming into the DWTS family in its 16th season wasn’t as intimidating as one would think. So how did Gleb know everyone already?

Gleb explains, “Half of the people who are on the show like Karina, Val, Maks, Tony, Cheryl… I knew all of them before the show. I used to live in New York in 2004 and I used to teach in North Carolina with Karina. Every weekend we used to fly there and teach dancing to competitive couples. I use to teach in the same studio as Cheryl in Times Square, so I would see her like every single day. I knew Val for a very long time. We used to have the same teachers and Maks would come. I used to do a show with Tony in Vegas, so we all know each other.”

2. Gleb is Homeless.
For the show, Gleb is living in Los Angeles, which he loves. However, he also lives in Hong Kong and Sydney from time to time. Once Dancing With The Stars wraps this season, he has to sit down and decide if he wants to take a serious step and move to LA or if he wants to try to settle in one of the other two places. I can hear the hearts out there breaking just at the thought of him leaving the U.S. Maybe he’ll factor that in to his decision-making.

More at Heavy.com including some fun pictures you may have never seen before.