Victor Ortiz Says The Game Isn’t Over Yet On Dancing With The Stars

Victor Ortiz tells the LA Times what it was like being in the bottom two this week on Dancing With The Stars. He’s glad he didn’t go home, but, he didn’t want Lisa to home either. He also talks of costuming. Also, check out what he says about next week and how he’s had the odds against him all of his life….

Q. Do you get to interact with the other contestants that much? Have your made any friends you can see lasting beyond the show?

Actually we have all formed such a tight bond, which is something I didn’t expect. Honestly this isn’t like a traditional competition where everyone is working against each other. Every time someone performs I am happy for them when they do well out on the floor. So many of the dances, especially this week, were so deeply personal that all of us wanted one another to do the best performance they could. Being in the bottom two this week, I really didn’t want to be the one that went home but I really didn’t want Lisa to go home either!

Q. How much input do you get into the outfits you wear?

Well actually I would have to give all the credit to my talented partner, Lindsay. She is the creative mind behind all of our outfits. She comes up with an idea and then people in the wardrobe department make them for us.

Q. Some people are counting you out, figuring you don’t have a chance to win. What do you say to those people?

I have been up against the odds for most of my life, so I love a challenge. Each week I have a chance to prove myself, and take all the things I’ve learned and really focus during my practices. I have made it to Week 4 now, despite being in the bottom two, so the game isn’t over yet! I want to bring it next week and really show my fans and the judges what I’m made of!

More at the LA Times! It’s going to be interesting to see if he and Lindsay can step it up next week?