Aly Raisman And Mark Ballas Get Ready To Samba For Dancing With The Stars

Aly Raisman was a guest on KTLA to talk about the differences between training for the Olympics and training for Dancing With The Stars. This week, she and Mark Ballas have a Samba and she says it’s so different. In her Olympic training, she was taught not to show emotion and for dancing it’s the total opposite. For the Samba, she has to really let loose and treat it like a party. It’s full of bouncing and bending….something she is not use to doing. Lots more below including some shots of she and Mark rehearsing….

Also, Aly answers some questions about Dancing With The Stars at the LA Times. Below is a little take about what she’s learned the most from her partner Mark Ballas….

Q. What is the most important thing you have learned from your partner, Mark Ballas, about dancing.

To be a great dancer and performer you have to act. Last night I felt so in the performance, so in the moment! It felt amazing; I really put myself back in the mind set of training. I pictured all the long hours of training and how hard it was for me to make it to the Olympics, so I really wanted to show people how much sacrifice, dedication, and hard work it took.

Stay tuned. If Mark Ballas writes a blog today, we’ll be sure to add it this post.