Jacoby Jones on His DWTS Competitors: “I think everyone is doing a great job and has a chance”

Jacoby Jones tells the LA Times that having a son is “really a blessing” and makes him “want to work even harder” being his son looks up to him. He chats about Dancing With The Stars as well and how he felt last week when Carrie Ann told him he could win the competition. He also speaks about Bruno and what he thinks of his competitors.

Q. How did you feel when Carrie Ann told you that she thinks you can win the whole thing?

I appreciate that a lot coming from one of the judges. Like I always said, I’m very competitive so it makes me want to continue working hard.

Q. Is Bruno as crazy as he appears on camera?

Bruno is a character, man. He is just like that on and off camera, 24/7.

Q. We are four weeks into the show. Who do you think is your main competition for the Mirror Ball Trophy?

I think everyone is doing a great job and has a chance. Victor and DL have picked it up, and Andy always puts on a show. Kelly, Zendaya, and Aly are killing it. And then you still have Ingo. It will be an entertaining season. I’m just trying to make it into next week.

I really like this guy!! I think he could win it too!! More at the LA Times.