Andy Dick Talks About The Paso Doble, His Favorite Dance So Far, And More On Dancing With The Stars

This past week, Andy Dick attended the “Scary 5” premiere. AOL posted an interview with him on the Red Carpet where he talks about Dancing With The Stars! The interviewers praise him for being so inspirational this season. He says his favorite dance so far has been the first dance…the Fox Trot! So much so, he’d like to do it over since he didn’t do it that well and he thinks he could do it better now…that is, if he’s on the show long enough to do it. Then he talks about doing the Paso Doble next!! He explains it (and so well too I might add) and only on Day 2 of practices, he was “getting into it” more than he first thought he would. More in detail below. He’s goofy and fun as always. I love his spirit for dancing…it’s so refreshing!!!