Aly Raisman Chats On Her Samba Tonight For Dancing With The Stars, Most Difficult Week So Far

TV Guide interviewed Aly Raisman about tonight’s dance on Dancing With The Stars. As you know, she and Mark have the Samba. It’s been her hardest dance to learn thus far. She also has to dance side-by-side dance pros Tony Dovolani and Whitney Carson making it even more challenging. In stepping it up, she plans to get out there and pretend like she’s dancing in her room. Here are more of her thoughts…

What’s hard? The rolls?Raisman: Yeah. This is, technique-wise, the hardest dance for me. There’s a lot of bouncing, so you’re bending and then straightening. You have to have the exact technique because Mark and I are side by side. On top that, we’ll also be side by side with Witney [Carson] and Tony [Dovolani], so I can’t really be off or out of sync. This has been the most difficult week so far, but it’s coming along.

Is Mark choreographing all of it or do Witney and Tony also have input?
Raisman: It’s pretty much all Mark. We’ve only had a few hours with Witney and Tony. They’ve been giving me tips and stuff. I think it will be a fun dance. The dance itself is upbeat and the song we have is great. It’s kind of like a huge dance party. I like that after last week when it was all intense.

Do you like this side-by-side dancing idea? It puts a lot of pressure on the celebrities to be up to par.
Raisman: Right. I think it’s really difficult. I’ve been doing the samba for five days and I have to do it against professional dancers who’ve been doing this their whole lives. I’ve also only been dancing for two months. So that’s like me doing a tumbling competition with someone who just started gymnastics two months ago. It’s not the same level at all. I’m not sure how they’re going to judge it or what their expectations are. I just know I have to really focus. But I’m excited because it’s a challenge and I think it’ll be fun to see all the routines and all the other pros back and performing. It’s also helpful to have two more professionals there, especially a female pro.

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