Cheryl Burke And D.L. Hughley On The Ellen Show, Tango To Have A Contemporary Amy Winehouse Feel

People is featuring a new Dancing With The Stars blog from Cheryl Burke for Week 5. She tells us that learning the tango has been the hardest dance for D.L. to learn, but, she’s never seen him work harder. She says we’ll see an improvement in D.L.’s dancing. She also gives us a hint on their concept for tonight which sounds a little strange, but we will see?

This last week has been really tough. We’ve got a group dance and then our individual dance, where we’re dancing with another professional couple side by side, so that gives us even more pressure for D.L. to really look good.

We’re doing the tango and that dance has a lot of rules. It consists of a lot of steps and concepts, and it’s been the hardest, most challenging dance for D.L. so far – but I’ve never seen him work so hard.

This week it’s all about getting into character, and because the tango is a man’s dance, it really needs to look like he’s leading me. Our song is also longer than normal, so this requires a lot from him.

The concept is going to be really cool, and it’s something the show has never done before. It’s contemporary, and not a traditional old tango song. It’s super dynamic and has an Amy Winehouse feel to it.

We’ve already rehearsed for 15 hours in the last three days, and I think you’ll really see an improvement in his dancing this week. We started rehearsing at 10 in the morning on Friday, and we didn’t even take a break all day. Because we got such great feedback last week, D.L. is feeling more confident.

Also, here they are on The Ellen Show today….