DWTS Val Chmerkovskiy Writes Of Dancing With His Brother Maks, The Argentine Tango, And More

Val Chmerkovskiy has written a new blog for Today. He writes of how excited he is to be dancing with Zendaya and next to his brother, Maks and Anna Trebunskaya tonight. Val says, “The number is great, the dance is really strong, really passionate.” He also writes that this dance is better than any other dance he and Zendaya have done this season. We will soon see. I can’t wait as the Argentine Tango is my favorite dance. What is your favorite?

We have a song that has a different energy about it, so that allows us to still be passionate, still have the strength and the attitude of an Argentine tango, still have proper technique. But we’re passionate about a completely different topic. There’s going to be a theme to the dance, and I don’t want to reveal before you watch it and that will all make sense as to why there is aggression, why there is passion, why there is a struggle. It’s going to be great, but it doesn’t always have to be about love. Even love has very different angles. We celebrate the love for dance!

This dance has been a lot – a lot – more challenging than any other dance we’ve done this season. The most challenging part of it is the speed, the precision, the intricate footwork. The technique of the dance is like no other. The posture is like no other. The frame, the lead … so that’s been challenging. The choreography, most importantly, is very, very challenging. I don’t know if it’s going to be noticed by the judges, but most certainly I know that the fans are really going to appreciate.

The dance turned out amazing so far. We took huge risks this week with tricks and choreography. And obviously, there’s a moment in the dance where we’re dancing side-by-side, which is a huge risk because no matter how talented Zendaya is or I am as a teacher, Anna is a professional ballroom dancer. That’s what she does, better than most people. That comparison’s going to be interesting. You don’t have to be the best dancer to be a great performer, and that’s what I really want to showcase in Zendaya this week. I think this tango’s going to do that better than any other dance we’ve done this season.

You can read this new blog in full at Today.

ADDING: Just in time before the show, On The Red Carpet has uploaded a new rehearsal interview with Zendaya and Val!!