It’s Stevie Wonder Week On Dancing With The Stars Week 6, Interviews After Last Night’s Dance

What another great night of tv last night on Dancing With The Stars!! If you haven’t given us your reviews and ranked the couples, be sure you do so when you get time today in Courtney’s fun new Power Rankings Post here. Stay tuned for Heidi’s new “Numbers” post in a bit as well for her thoughts and predictions for who is going home tonight. For now, let’s get the couples reactions with George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet. He finds out some dance info for next week already. Note too how Maks is interviewed as well….

First up, Kellie and Derek. Kellie is glad she didn’t “butcher” the dance last night and is happy with her dance. Derek talks of how much he loves Kellie and wants to her to be really good. He was so proud of her last night especially with shorter time to practice. Everyone will dance to a Stevie Wonder song next week and they have the Quick Step. They almost didn’t air the show last night because of the bombs in Boston, but, Derek is glad they did to offer some positivity and comfort. For more on these two, see Pure Derek Hough.

Jacoby tried to point his toes last night, but God made his feet for a reason. He’s excited to bring some “soul” next week with a Stevie Wonder song. George praises Jacoby’s positive attitude. Their prayers go out to Boston.

Maks joins Zendaya and Val in their interview with George. He thinks it was a good idea to bring back the older pros and the response was amazing last night. He also never said he “left”. He also says his new relationship with General Hospital isn’t over. Val talks of how great it was to have Maks and Anna join them. He loved the energy and it was great to get their help. Zendaya says this was the hardest week so far and she is so happy and thankful for last night’s 10’s. If Maks were a betting man, he sees the next Beyonce in Zendaya. George asks them about next week, but, Val doesn’t let out much info. He wants to savor last night’s moments. Maks explains the differences between he and Val’s choreographing styles.

Andy and Sharna! George praises Andy for having the best entrance ever on Dancing With The Stars. Even though they only got 6’s, Andy said they had the best time. Sharna said the song itself made their Paso Doble the most challenging to dance. If they make it to next week, they hope they get Stevie’s “Superstition” song. Andy is a little down and hopes he still gets to stay on the show for the fun he’s having.

Mark talks of how good everyone this season. If they get to come back, they hope they can come back and get better. Last night was hard to dance for Aly for what happened in Boston. She talks of it being the greatest city in the world. Mark can’t wait to dance to Stevie next week as he is one of Stevie’s biggest fans.

George talks of Ingo’s baby and how cute he is. Ingo’s face lights up. If they make it, they can’t wait to dance to Stevie Wonder. Ingo isn’t happy with last night’s dance and he’s throwing up a red flag for how they chose he and Kym to go up first again making it even harder on them (that does seem unfair!).

Peta and Sean are glad they are moving up the leader board. Sean’s confidence is back again. Peta talks of how she loves and hopes to act someday. They can’t wait to dance to Stevie next week if they make it.

Victor explains about all the negative things going on in his life which is making learning to dance more challenging, but, they are happy with his 7’s. Lindsay is proud of him for letting it all go on the dance floor. They hope they make it through so they can dance to Stevie next week.

D.L. and Cheryl!! They start off talking about how Stevie Wonder fired D.L. from two different jobs in the past. If he gets to come back next week, it will be good to see him again. Cheryl jokes of how he will probably mess up their song. They hope to come back. Cheryl says D.L. is the most improved dancer. He hopes people vote for him because he and Stevie are “Woooo”!! WHA?? 😯

Access Hollywood doesn’t have any interviews up yet except for some rehearsal interviews, but, watch this link in case they add some later. Below is ET Online with some interviews….

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Ok, that’s it for now!!! More in a bit with some GMA coverage, etc!!! Thanks for reading!! 😉 xxx