Louis Van Amstel And Sabrina Bryan Review Dancing With The Stars 16 Week 5

Louis Van Amstel and Sabrina Bryan weighed in on last night’s dances for Dancing With The Stars Week 5 on Good Morning America!! Below is some text from the link for who they think will be in the bottom three tonight and who is going home (please please, just don’t let it be Andy. Let it be D.L. or Victor instead. Andy is so much better than the other two.)

Who’s Going Home?

Sabrina: The bottom three, in my opinion, are Victor, DL, and Andy. With Victor having a turn-around this week, I think that it’s between our two comedians for who goes home this week. So far, Cheryl’s fans have saved her and DL from even hitting the bottom two, and as we all know with this competition, no one is safe.

Louis: I’m worried for DL, Victor, and Andy, but I think Victor goes home. He’s been in the bottom two twice now.

You can read more of what Louis and Sabrina think of each individual dance at Good Morning America!! I think GMA will also be posting some video coverage too with Sabrina and Louis shortly. Be watching for it here.