Dancing With The Stars Season 16 Week 5 Post Elimination Media

Just a couple of post Dancing With The Stars results media things to share!! First up, here’s a new rumorfix interview with Andy!! He’s so thankful he made it to another week. You can see him interacting with his family too. It’s so cute.

Also, in case you missed it, Cheryl and D.L. were also on Good Morning America today. They chatted about the Boston Bombings and how hard it was to go on with the show afterwards. They also discussed their elimination. Even though D.L.has to burn his dancing shoes now, D.L. said he’s glad he met a new friend in Cheryl. Cheryl said the same and how he reminded her of how fun it is to do Dancing With The Stars. When asked who would win this season, they both said they thought Jacoby would win. More of this interview HERE.

Also, below is D.L., Cheryl, and Bruno being interviewed by Tony working for Extra last night (you have to skip to the :30 mark to view it)….

Lastly, below is Cheryl and D.L. with On The Red Carpet and Access Hollywood….

ADDING: Below is an Afterbuzz interview with these two as well…

Also, here are more Afterbuzz interviews with Ingo and Kym, Jacoby and Karina, Andy and Sharna, Sean and Peta, and Aly and Mark.

Below is the Afterbuzz Aftershow as well. Troupe member Whitney Carson is their guest…