PureDWTS Season 16 Halfway Mark: Rank The Dance Couples, VOTE In New Polls, And More

Hey Dance fans! With the season half way over and for fun, let’s take a new Questionnaire and post some new Polls to see how you are feeling about the couples, the dances, their rankings, and more. Answer the questions below in the comments section and Vote to the best of your ability. Thanks too for your inspiration for some of them. Ready?

1. Rank the couples for who you think is doing the best to the least best. Feel free to comment for who are your very favorites too if you like.

2. Which couples would you like to see make the Top 4 at this time?

3. From the couple’s dances, what have been your Top Three dances so far this season?

4. Would you like to see producers bring Older Pros back in future seasons to help and dance in a couple’s dance like what happened this past week? In other words, did you like this new feature added to the show?

5. From the remaining contestants currently, who do you think is going to win Dancing With The Stars Season 16?

Thanks All!xx