How Much Zendaya Is Getting Paid To Do Dancing With The Stars!

What a fascinating article that mentions how Zendaya scored a $125,000 signing bonus when she agreed to do Dancing With The Stars. She gets more too as the weeks progress….

Per the contract, she was entitled to $10,000 per week for weeks three and four (the whole field made it to week two), and is getting $20,000 per week in the fifth and sixth weeks of competition.

Should she stick around after next week’s vote—it will happen, unless she falls prey to the Sabrina Bryan Week Six curse—Zendaya stands to earn $30,000 per week for the seventh and eighth weeks.

Past that, it’s $50,000 each for the ninth and 10th weeks of the show.

Interesting, eh?? To read the full article, visit E News.

Heidi: I saw another article that said this number was right in line with what Shawn Johnson got back in Season 8, so it’s not out of the ordinary. It must be a standard deal. I do wonder if bigger names than her get bigger paychecks.