DWTS Aly Raisman Chats About Team Samba, Her Fox Trot With Mark Ballas, And More

In a new interview with TV Guide, Aly Raisman talks all about Team Samba and what’s been going down in rehearsals. She also talks a little about her and Marks’ Fox Trot and how well it’s going so far.

You lucked out being on Team Samba since you just did it.
Aly Raisman: Yeah, I’m happy I’m on Team Samba. I’m comfortable with it now. It’s also Sean and Andy’s dance this week, so Kellie’s the only one who has to learn it and learn another dance. I think it’s really good because I already know how to do it, two of us are learning just that one style, and Kellie’s really good at picking up new dances. I’m really excited. I love everyone in my group.

Do you guys have a theme?
Raisman: We do have a theme, but it will be a surprise. We had a really fun group rehearsal Tuesday after the show. I was so hyper. We were all delirious. We didn’t have that much time to rehearse. Derek, Mark, Peta and Sharna had such great ideas. Then you have me, Sean, Andy and Kellie sitting there, watching them and then fooling around in the back, making up random dances. But we did come up with something and we got a little rehearsal done. It’s a lot harder with two dances because just doing one dance for me is difficult, but I’m up for it.

You have the foxtrot, which is a little similar to the quickstep.
Raisman: Yeah, it’s just slower. It’s going well so far. I like having two completely different styles to do for the judges. And it’s Stevie Wonder Week, so that’s really cool. I’m a huge fan of his. I don’t know who isn’t a fan of him. The song that we have is really beautiful. It’s my favorite song by him, and Mark loves the song too.

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