Anna Trebunskaya Reviews The Dances For Stevie Wonder Night On Dancing With The Stars

Louis Van Amstel wasn’t able to review the dances last night on Dancing With The Stars, but, our beautiful Anna filled in for him. She has good things to say about everyone, but, she is the most worried for Victor being eliminated tonight and apologizes for being a “Debbie Downer”.

Kellie Pickler’s Quickstep: She did amazing! She looked fantastic, stayed in character and was very consistent with footwork and frame. Wonderful execution of a very classy routine. She is getting better and better with every routine. I actually like her a lot in ballroom dances. Kellie has such a spunky personality, but she can bring total class to her dances as well.

Victor Ortiz’s Rumba: Sorry to be a “Debbie Downer” here, but not the best dance for Victor. I like Victor’s personality so much, but he wasn’t able to merge it with the character of Rumba. Victor needs to find joy and fun in the slower , elegant dances as well as the fast-paced ones. I’m worried that he may be going home tonight. If he is still in the competition, he needs to challenge himself and find his personality again.

Jacoby Jones’s Quickstep: Pigeon toes or not, he’s a musical dancer. Jacoby lets music run through his body and energize his movement. His frame was good, speed was great and energy was never ending (as usual) . But please, smile! Just because a ballroom dance has a frame , still show your enjoyment. I do agree with Len that Jacoby is a better Latin dancer.

I think she nails it with her review. What do you think? You can read it in full at Good Morning America here.

Good Morning America also recapped the night. You can watch their coverage at this link for what they have so far. They may post more, so keep checking back.

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