Dancers and Dance Fans Unite: Please Help This Dance Instructor Who Was Hurt In The Boston Bombings

Did you know there was a dance instructor hurt in the Boston Bombings? Her name is Adrianne Haslet-Davis. She was at the Boston Marathon with her husband, Air Force Captain Adam Davis, who had just recently returned home from Afghanistan. Both were injured when the second bomb exploded near them. Adrianne’s left foot and part of that leg had to be amputated. Despite her injuries, she has vowed to dance again and do whatever it takes. Below she talks with Anderson Cooper about it in case you missed this on his show last night. My heart broke in two when I saw this and yet, something in me says, she ‘will’ dance again. What a sweet, strong, and courageous young woman. If you’d like to help her, please visit this website. Even the smallest amount can make a difference.

Thanks to Eileen for sending this news to us last night!

UPDATE: No idea if this is true or not, but, one of our readers is reporting that Adrianne Haslet-Davis and her story might be spot lighted on Dancing With The Stars next week. Also, below is the cast sending her some love and cheer on Inside Edition Monday night.

UPDATE2: Tom Bergeron announced on the show tonight that they are indeed spot lighting Adrianne Haslet-Davis on next week’s results show. They will also be announcing how the show plans to help her (So awesome!! And according to what Codebear reports to us, he, Elena Grinenko, and Nick Kosovich were able to get the ball rolling for this.).

“We hope she’ll come out and see the show,” Karina Smifnoff said, inviting the dance instructor who lost her leg in the Boston Marathon bombing to come on Dancing with the Stars.

Andy Dick joined in saying, “She should come. You should be in the audience and we definitely will lift your spirits.”

Our story about Adrianne Haslet-Davis and her incredible spirit moved everyone backstage at Dancing with the Stars.

Boston native Ally Raisman, and her partner Mark Ballas started rehearsing for this year’s show at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Boston where Adrianne worked. They actually met her.

Ballas said, “Sending her my best wishes, my love, my prayers, my thoughts “