PureDWTS Media After The Dance, New Dances Revealed, Dance Off Planned For Week 7

What another fun night of TV on Dancing With The Stars. I’m still put off with the judges overscoring and underscoring (especially Len! Does he need to retire? I’m starting to seriously think so! πŸ˜• ), but hey!! Anyway, let’s see what the dancers thought of last night’s dances with George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet. Note how he finds out a few of the new dances for next week. It’s Latin Week. They have an individual dance and an IMMUNITY DANCE OFF too which Sharna explains in her and Andy’s interview…..

First up! Kelly and Derek talk of how much fun they had doing Team Samba! Derek said it didn’t come together until Sunday!! George asks them how it feels to be at the top of the leader board, but, Kellie says she “pays no mind to that”. She’s not a competitive person and just wants have fun and find joy in dancing for what she’s fallen in love with.

Jacoby and Karina say last night wasn’t their “friend” and neither was Len. Next week, Karina said they won’t concentrate so much on footwork. They still had a lot of fun and enjoyed the night. Jacoby gets goofy at the end and they send some love to Baltimore.

Aly and Mark are happy their team dance pulled them to second place. Mark was glad to be teamed up with Derek since he can say what he wants to him. Aly and Mark were hoping for some 9’s for their individual dance, but, they are still happy (this is their best costume, do you agree? LOL!)

Val and Zendaya! George goes over their scores and asks how much their scores mean. Zendaya doesn’t concentrate on that. She just wants to get the dance right and meet their expectations which are high for the both of them. She wants to do the best she can. Details matter to Val and he likes to choreograph movement and action. He doesn’t just want the dance to look good. He wants it to feel good. Next week they have the Paso Doble. Val’s head is already spinning with ideas. He plans to redeem themselves from their team dance. He’s got a big move planned.

Andy says they may have received lower points for the individual dance, but, they are dancing their hearts out. They are glad their team dance worked in their favor. It was the hardest week, but, the most fun. If they make it next week (which they are hoping for), it will be even more fun because they have a Rumba. Sharna says it will be “beautiful”. It’s Latin Week and they will also have a immunity DANCE OFF!! Sharna explains how they have to have three routines ready (which can be a Samba, Rumba, or a Jive for it). The bottom will have to battle it out.

George gives Ingo advise and tells him to stop being so down on himself. He praises him for getting to 4th place. Kym thanks George. They talk of the fun they had, but, Ingo gets critical of the off moves he had. He’s a perfectionist and wants to do good.

Sean and Peta are tied for 4th and couldn’t be more pleased. The team dance really helped them. Sean might have messed up some moves in their individual dance, but, he has personality and charisma. He plans to work hard this next week and try to keep improving.

Victor isn’t worried about being eliminated. He doesn’t want to go home, but, he’s worked hard and made some great friends. He knows he’s not a great dancer, but, he’s been having fun and trying hard. He’s just trying to stay alive, but, it’s hard. The most fun he had this season was doing the Team Paso.

You can watch the Access Hollywood interviews at this link. Below is Mark and Aly talking about how much fun they had last night and dedicating their dance to Boston.

Below is PopTvDotCom with some coverage after the show as well….

Ok, that is all for now Dancettes!! More in a bit!!! πŸ˜‰

ADDING: Below is Tony interviewing the cast last night for Extra…