More Dances Revealed For DWTS Week 7, Mid-Season Party With Tom Bergeron, And More

We’ve got some interviews to share for what took place after the results show last night. First, George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet asks the cast their thoughts about Stevie Wonder and if he should dance on Dancing With The Stars (since he remarked how he’d like to dance on the show next season). George also asks the contestants about how they’ve changed the most (emotionally, physically, or mentally) after doing Dancing With The Stars. He also asks the pros how they choreograph. He finds out what he can about their dances next week too. Lot’s more below….

First up, Sharna would love to have and teach Stevie Wonder on the show! For how Andy has changed, he’s trimmed up and gotten stronger in his mind, body, and soul. When Sharna choreographs, she likes to concentrate on what looks good for Andy. Since has is a great actor and has a great personality, she tries to do things that will help bring those things out. For next week’s Rumba, Sharna gives one more hint that it is inspired by “Singing In The Rain” (perfect!). As for the immunity dance, she hopes to bring out “technique and basics” with some Cha Cha and Jive.

Mark loves Stevie Wonder and would love to have him dance on the show. He (or anyone with a disability) would need a special partner who would have patience. For how Aly has changed the most, she says “mentally”. It’s different from gymnastics and she’s learning more. Mark talks of how he comes up with choreography. He likes to find out what feels natural to his partners and how he can make it special. Aly is excited about Latin Week. Mark says it will be fun. Aly says she will be sassy (more on their new dance below in another interview).

Peta plans to get really tough with Sean this week for their new dances. They have the Rumba and they have to produce character. It’s going to be intense and be a love story. Sean plans to zone in and really focus. He hopes to be a changed dancer. Peta tries to choreograph by working on “strengths”. Sean has changed a lot physically, emotionally, and mentally. “Focusing” and dancing has been challenging. Peta would love to have Stevie Wonder on the show.

Kym says it would be so incredible if Stevie Wonder danced on the show. When Kym choreographs, she likes to concentrate on “connection” like Val. For how Ingo has changed, he picks “mentally” for how he is learning more dances every week. It’s also teaching him to be positive. Kym teases on their dance next week saying it will have “major hip action” and “look out ladies”.

Val gives a little preview for what will happen for Latin Week. As said in their last interview, they have the Paso Doble. He’s excited to teach Zendaya more technique for it. From how much she’s changed, Zendaya picks “mentally” since she’s working hard, stressed out a lot, and trying to do well. Val would love Stevie Wonder to dance on the show, but, he thinks he is “too big” (huh? why? Stevie wouldn’t be the first big guy to dance?). At the end, Zendaya compares Val and her father to “Gummy Bears”.

Below are some interviews with Access Hollywood. Mark says he and Aly have the Salsa next week! Peta again points out how important it is to step it up. Andy talks about the toughest parts about doing Dancing With The Stars so far…

And below is some PopTVDotCom coverage of the stars going to Tom Bergeron’s Mid Season Party last night….

And that makes this post a wrap…for now. Thanks for watching and reading. More later!!! xxx