Derek Hough’s Blog on DWTS Weeks 6 and 7, DWTS Season 16

Derek did a shorter than normal blog this week because he’s exhausted and doesn’t know where he is, apparently. šŸ™‚  Here’s an excerpt from TV Guide:

I am exhausted! I have no idea what time it is or where I am. I’ve been following Kellie on tour this week and I’m just wiped. We’ve been traveling for 10 hours as of now and I think we’re in Illinois or Ohio. I really have no clue! We don’t get back to L.A. until Sunday, so we have one more day of this. I traveled with her the second week, but this is way worse because she’s got three shows in a row.

We lucked out with the samba this week since we just did it in the team dance. It’s s a physical dance and she’s handling it really well. I don’t want to try anything too crazy either this week since it’s so hectic for us. Like with our quickstep, I’m focusing on the quality. I loved how that turned out. It was a pretty simple dance and Kellie nailed it. There were no tricks or gimmicks. It was just a dance, you know? I think that’s so hard to do right now on the show. We’re always trying to do the next big, new thing to keep it fresh and interesting, which I understand, but you also can’t beat just a really good dance. It reminded me of early Dancing with the Stars when literally each week was just the dance itself ā€” no themes or anything. I just wanted the quality to come through and I think it did. Neither of us was expecting the 10 from Len, but it felt awesome to get it!

I have absolutely no idea what’s going in the dance-off next week. All I know is the top couple will be automatically safe, and the other six will have to be in the dance-off. There are three dance styles: the cha-cha, jive and rumba. We won’t know until the results night which dance we’d have to do. I honestly haven’t thought about that at all. I’m just concerned with the samba right now and making that as good as possible. The good thing is we’ve done all three of those styles, so hopefully that’ll give us an edge if we’re in the dance-off.

Here’s Derek goofing off with Kellie on Stage in Minnesota: