DWTS Mark Ballas Hurt In Rehearsals, Henry Byalikov May Step In To Dance Monday Night

Mark Ballas has penned a new blog at USA Today! Sadly note that he hurt his back this week while rehearsing for Dancing With The Stars. Troupe member Henry Byalikov may be filling in for him on Monday night. Here is more. Let’s hope Mark is going to be ok and heal up quickly!!

While trying a lift, I compressed two discs in my lower back and could hardly move for two days. The timing couldn’t be worse, being that we have to know four dances this week even though we will only be performing two.

I am writing this blog in rehearsal, on Saturday, right now, as I have been sidelined for most of the week. Luckily Henry Byalikov has stepped in, and may possibly dance for me on Monday if I can’t compete.

He has really been a great help and godsend this week, so to him I am grateful.

Good news is, I got my MRI results back and there is no damage to my spine or nerves, and the pain I am enduring is only muscular. The muscles are spasming and will take a few days (or weeks) to calm down. So there is still hope that I will dance.

Our solo dance is salsa this week. We have a great song and theme so I’m
super bummed to be hurt. It’s Latin night Monday, so everyone will be taking on sexy Latin dances and it promises to be a fun and entertaining night.

To read the full blog, see USA Today!