Tristan MacManus Chat’s About Dancing With Witney Carson On Dancing With The Stars And More

Wasn’t it fun seeing pro Tristan MacManus last week on Dancing With The Stars? I loved his dances with Witney Carsen!!! interviewed him all about it and how they put the dance together. He also talks of the side by side challenge with Victor and Lindsay and Peta and Sean. Here is more….

It was great seeing you back on Dancing With the Stars during Week 5, and we especially loved your performance with Witney Carson during the results show. Tell us about that – it looked incredibly intricate and difficult, yet you and Witney seemed to embrace the dance and let the story develop.

I loved dancing with Witney – she is so good and fun to be around, and Teddy Forance is unreal. I was a bit in two minds about doing the number. I really wanted to work with those two but at the same time I wasn’t too sure about doing the contemporary as it’s not really my style but Teddy made it work for me which I was happy about. He is very much a ‘guy’ dancer and let me do things I felt comfortable doing. I really enjoyed working with them for sure.

Len’s side by side challenges were great fun from the fans’ point of view. Would you share a little about working with Emma, Victor, and Lindsay for the Viennese Waltz and again with Chelsie, Peta, and Sean for the Quickstep? There must be some good stories to tell.

I always love working with Emma, and Vic and I hang out so rehearsals were fun. I love Emma’s dancing so it was great to dance with her but also it is good to work with the guy celebrities as well – if nothing else just for a new perspective for them and to freshen things up even for a week. We had great laughs there. I always love hanging out with Peta as well. She is one funny girl, and I was interested to get to know Sean. He is cool, real down to earth, and a bit of a dry sense of humor which kept me entertained while working.

Every time you and Sean are on our tv screen at the same time, we can’t help but laugh. You guys seemed to have a great time working together, and if nothing else, we were hugely entertained. How did all the silliness begin?

Yeah, like I said Sean is a good guy- the show really pushed the bromance thing which gets a bit old, but we do genuinely get on with each other so most of the interaction was just us really making fun of the situation and at how bizarre the intent of the packages was. Someone would start a ridiculous conversation, and we would just roll with it. I wasn’t expecting the rose thing so we tried to make that as ridiculous as possible. My language I guess was cut out of a lot of the footage. Haha!

Lots more at including some fun pictures. Great interview!!