Could We See A Shake-Up For The Final Four On DWTS, Don’t Count Andy Dick Out

Here is an interesting piece from Today!! They talk of how there are only three more eliminations left before the finals. If there aren’t any double eliminations, there could be 4 couples in the finals this time. Derek Hough and Val Chmerkovskiy comment about it below. Exciting. I’m loving this. Let us know what you think….

“It’s good for that fourth couple who’ll get paid an extra couple of bucks,” pro Val Chmerkovskiy shrugged to reporters in Monday night’s post-show press line.

Derek Hough thinks it’s a good idea too.

“Honestly, it means more dances for the finals,” the three-time mirror-ball champion said. “It’s more entertainment for the viewers at home, and that’s what it’s all about.”

Hough has said in the past that it’s best to come in either fourth or first, since exiting right after the semifinals means a dancer doesn’t have to come up with two more routines for a finale that he or she may or may not win.

“I think differently about that now,” he said. “When I said that, I might have been thinking I didn’t want to do all that hard work. But I’m of the frame of mind that it’s an absolute pleasure and joy to be able to do any dance number on the show — every time, even for results shows.”

Derek also commented not to count out Andy Dick yet. Oh how I hope he’s right about this? Please please please…

But while Hough and Pickler are safe for now, the pro feels that writing off low-scorer Andy Dick before the end just might be a mistake, given the show’s passionate fan base.

“I hope the judges did Andy a favor with their (strong) comments,” Hough offered. “If you feel that (your favorite) is being picked on, then you’re going to say to yourself, ‘I’m going to vote for him!’”

More at Today! Thanks to Miss Heidi for the heads up on this news.

You can also read Anna and Louis van Amstel’s thoughts on last night at GMA. Below is “the bottom line”…

The Bottom Line

Louis: My top two are still Zendaya and Kellie by quite a few miles. The interesting thing is Kellie and Zendaya are total opposites. Kellie finishes every movement to a “T,” but needs to stay out of her head, while Zendaya is all energy and personality, and needs to work on controlling her movement more. This will be a great race to the finish. Let’s not forget about the race between Jacoby and Aly who, in my opinion, are fighting for top three as well thus far. What will the fan bases decide though?! And then there is a “Seabiscuit”-type that no one sees coming….Andy Dick. It’s exciting to see what happens. I’m worried for Andy, Ingo and Sean. Looking at the judge’s scores, Andy will go home. He’d need so many votes to make up those unfair low scores!