DWTS Season 16, Week 7 – Who Got the Boot? (SPOILERS)

So…how many encores have Mark and Aly had now?? :::sigh:::  This show was all right, I guess. Allison has gone blonde, which is disappointing – like, so few dancers are blonde these days. :::rolls eyes:::  Anyway….kind of a non-event. I think she actually dances better with Derek – just my opinion.  Anyway….

Very sad night in the ballroom. Ingo and Andy in the bottom two, with Andy going home. He handled it like a champ….and called out Carrie Ann, for which he gets props from me.

How did we all do??

Heidi: I thought it would be Andy and Sean in the bottom two with Andy going home. Ingo in the bottom two, if not Sean.

Courtney: Court said Andy was going home, with Ingo in the bottom two with him.

Vogue: Said Andy was going home.  Ingo in the bottom two.

Winner?  NO ONE. Bastards.