PureDWTS Season 16 Week 7 Media After The Dance, Trio Dance And Some Dances Revealed For Next Week

What a night on Dancing With The Stars!! Not sure if it was one of my favorites this season, but, it was still entertaining. Let’s see what the couples thought with George George Pennachio of On The Red Carpet after the show. Note how he finds out some of their individual dances for next week and how they also have a Trio Dance.

First up, Derek and Kelly! George says he was hoping they wouldn’t win so he could see them dance again, but, the immunity was a nice surprise. Kelly is glad Carrie Ann was critical so she can try and get better. Derek says it’s hard not to be upset at the judges comments sometimes, but, in the end, no one should let it ruin their experience. The dance is all that matters in the end and what people will remember.

George praise Zendaya and Val for shaking things up! Zendaya liked how they did something different. Val is happy for their three 9’s and is just happy to dance every week with Zendaya. Every week he hopes their dance speaks for itself. He’s already thinking about next week’s dances and how serious this competition is.

In Karina’s book, Jacoby got three 10’s. Jacoby says Karina is crazy for the moves she wanted then to do for their Salsa, but, they did it and they had fun. They hope they shaked things up and loved the reaction of the audience. Jacoby is like a leap frog and that he is.

Aly was by herself for this interview since Mark couldn’t make it. She feels bad and hopes he can heal up from his back injuries soon. She’s so proud of their dance last night. She said she would have never been able to pull it off in the beginning of the season. Because of Mark’s injury, she may work with Henry again this coming week.

Sharna is upset over Bruno’s comments (I agree, they were over the top). Andy says he’s always been the brunt of jokes and is use to it, but, they love and are thankful for their fans and know they have kept them in the competition. They are having fun and want to entertain and that’s all that matters. If they make it, Sharna says their will be no more dead arms. They have a Quickstep and a Trio Salsa if they make it.

Sean promised last week that he’d do better and he met that goal. He hopes he can continue to build on it if he makes it to next week. Peta talks of how each week makes you stronger. Sean says his whole life is about dancing right now. Next week, they have a Jive for trio dance and a tango for their individual dance. It will an intense week if they make it.

Kym and Ingo are so happy they won three more points for the dance off. Kym is so proud of Ingo for his improvement. He’s trying and starting to feel more like a dancer out there.

Access Hollywood also interviewed some of the couples. I’m having trouble getting them to play. I hope you’ll have better luck? You can watch them here. PopTVDotCom has some coverage after the show as well. Also, this link has some some Afterbuzz interviews as well.

Ok, that is all for now, Dancettes! More in a bit!! 😉