PureDWTS Interviews After Week 7’s Elimination, More Dances Revealed For Next Week

So, we don’t have as many interviews after Week 7’s elimination for Dancing With The Stars yet, but, here’s what we have for now with George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet.

First up, Aly and Mark! When asked straight up if she’d do another reality show, she said no. She wants to get back to her Olympic training, but, Aly is loving Dancing With The Stars. Mark wants to make sure Aly is enjoying her experience and is comfortable with her dances. They have the Argentine Tango next week for their solo dance. They have Henry for their partner for the Trio dance.

Kym and Ingo are so relieved to be coming back. They didn’t like being in the bottom two last night. When asked about doing another reality show, Ingo said it would depend on what it is. They picked the Jive for their Trio dance. Ingo is excited to dance with two girl pros. Karina pops in at the end teasing Kym about getting Cheryl. They hug and Kym says it’s ok. Adding: Lindsay tweeted that she is partnered with Kym and Ingo for their trio dance.

George didn’t know Jacoby was a singer too. Jacoby and Karina didn’t like being in the bottom three last night, but, he is that more determined by the looks of it? Watch out. lol They get goofy at the end as always.

Peta says anyone can dance. “Can’t” is only a word in a dictionary. When asked about doing another reality show, Sean says he’s done. When asked about the trio dance, they have the Jazz. Peta hopes to get Sharna for their pro! At the end, they talk of how much they loved Andy Dick.

Val has high standards, but, he’s not a Diva. He also talks of Andy and Sharna and how Val helped Andy through a tough situation in the beginning. Zendaya says she likes challenges and she’s excited about next week’s dances. They have a Fox Trot for their solo dance and the Salsa for their Trio dance. They have Gleb for their partner.

You can watch all of the new Afterbuzz interviews at this link as well. Below is what they have so far….

Also, be watching Access Hollywood as they may post some interviews later.