To Andy Dick And Sharna Burgess: One Of DWTS Most Loved Couples (Elimination Interviews)

“I am moving like a dancer in life” ~Andy Dick during his Dancing With The Stars journey Week 7

Oh man, it’s always so hard to say good-bye to one the most loved couples Dancing With The Stars has ever had! Not only that, Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess were one of the most entertaining, most creative, most ‘full of heart’, and most fun couples Dancing With The Stars has ever had. I mean….it means something when Courtney, Heidi, Will, Linz, Jimmbboe, Sally, and so many others at twitter wanted to start a “riot” at twitter if he was picked to go these last few weeks. #ifandyleavesweriot was the “hashtag” of the evening!!

And yes, Andy, you can dance!!! If you couldn’t, how were you able to pull this dance off the way you did in Week 2? Not only that, it will be one of the most memorable and unforgettable dances this show has ever seen too.

For all of these things, you are a WINNER, a “dancer”, and you and Sharna will remain in all of our hearts forever. Also, Andy Dick, you are a true WARRIOR. You proved that people can overcome addictions and stick with it even in the most challenging conditions and still make dreams come true with something you’ve never done before.

So, enough from me. Let’s see what Andy and Sharna had to say with On The Red Carpet. Note how Jacoby serenaded him. So cute and a real tear jerker. At the end, Andy talks of how he feels alive again and he’s got all kinds of new offers trickling in for his career too.

To Andy and Sharna! Thank you for what you did for Dancing With The Stars this season in more ways than one!!

We’ll add more in a bit. Stay tuned!!! xxx

UPDATE: Here is an interview with Afterbuzz! They called Andy the “emotional center” for Dancing With The Stars this season. So true….

UPDATE #2: You can watch Andy and Sharna on GMA this morning at this link. He talks of how dancing With The Stars revitalized his life. Sharna says she found a “best friend” in Andy. Andy’s kids have loving words to add as well and they hope he keeps dancing. They play Andy’s greatest moments too. Lots more at the link.