Dancing With The Stars Las Vegas Odds Going Into Week 8: What Do You Think?

“If somebody says no to you, or if you get cut, Michael Jordan was cut his first year, but he came back and he was the best ever. That is what you have to have. The attitude that I’m going to show everybody, I’m going to work hard to get better and better.” ~Basketball player Magic Johnson on beating the odds

Sports Bovada has their new odds posted for Dancing With The Stars Week 8. Unfortunately, they were right about the last place couple last week (as they have been for a couple of weeks now) and Andy Dick indeed was eliminated. Will they be right again? Take a look below.

Zendaya Coleman 10/11
Kellie Pickler 1/1
Jacoby Jones 10/1
Aly Raisman 12/1
Ingo Rademacher 100/1
Sean Lowe 100/1

Here are last week’s Las Vegas Odds to compare.

Zendaya Coleman 1/1
Kellie Pickler 11/10
Jacoby Jones 7/1
Aly Raisman 12/1
Ingo Rademacher 75/1
Sean Lowe 75/1
Andy Dick 100/1

I think the new odds are pretty correct, though, I think Ingo is a better dancer and a more genuine, passionate, and likable person than Sean. So, I think Ingo’s odds should be a little higher…..and especially after Sean’s rude comments this week saying this of Andy to E News: “He probably lasted a lot longer than he should have.” Yes, I’m still grrring! Really Sean? What makes you think you are all that great of a dancer? What’s more, Andy had you beat in the entertainment, genuine, class, and likable factor in spades. Good luck with that. As for the rest of celebrities, I think Kellie should be in the top spot with Jacoby second …or even Jacoby and Kellie tied. Then again, it might be too early to put them tied, but, in the end, I think Jacoby will take it all. Yes, I am huge fan to him now! He makes me laugh and I love how he sang to Andy telling him he was his best friend in Andy’s elimination interview with On The Red Carpet. Let’s see what Miss Heidi and Court think. Be sure to let us know what you think too in comments.

Courtney: Before I weigh in on the actual odds, can I just say that I think EVERYONE in the cast would be a lot better off if they just stuck to the typical “company lines” about other people in the cast??? Sean probably would have just been better off saying “Andy worked really hard and I’m glad to have gotten to know him!” or something to that extent than blurting out “Yeah, he probably lasted a lot longer than he should have.” And I think Val probably would have caught a lot less flak if he had simply said “We pick Jacoby & Karina” and then shut up – if you don’t give your detractors anything to work with, they can’t use it against you.  These are two instances in which the Sabrina Bryan philosophy of having rainbows shoot out your ass every time you speak would probably help 😛 And I find it funny that SEAN of all people thinks Andy lasted longer than he should have, considering that Sean really wore out his welcome by week 3. But anyway…looks like the oddsmakers are just vacillating  between Zendaya & Kellie as the winners of this season.  At this point I’m not even sure I’m all that invested in who wins, because Andy really was the big winner this season for me – the only one who would have made a really good, inspiring human interest story, had he won.  I don’t see Sean or Ingo making the finale, and I don’t think any of the 4 who will likely make the finale (Zendaya, Kellie, Jacoby, & Aly) are really all that hungry for the trophy, nor do they really need it – I will probably be throwing all my votes to Jacoby from now on, because he seems to be having the most fun.  So yeah, I guess I agree with the odds…but that doesn’t mean I’m particularly excited about them.

Heidi: I find it interesting that the odds makers have basically said, “You ain’t getting JACK from us if you pick Kellie or Zendaya” while essentially making Jacoby’s odds longer.  I will laugh pretty hard if Jacoby ends up winning.  I’m no longer convinced that he WILL win, although I think he has a better shot than the odds makers do. Not only is he likely to be the only male and athlete in the top 3 (whether Kellie or Aly makes it…or Zendaya…who knows?), but the two women could split the vote, making it easier for him. I think this coming week will be the make or break week for both Zendaya and Jacoby – I don’t really believe that Kellie’s chances are as good as even money (they SHOULD be, but we know all about the silliness that pervades the DWTS fanbase re: Derek and his partners), and they are probably on track with Aly’s, which is why the fate rests with those two. If Jacoby does a stellar job and remains likeable, I think he moves into a better position than he is now. The question is Zendaya – the judges showed a willingness to give her the actual score she deserved as opposed to over scoring her. Did they do that because she’s getting a ton of votes….or did they just see a “27” in that dance like many of us did and they were afraid of losing what little credibility they have? Who can say? But I think it’s now up to Val to not fail her choreographically – make sure last week was a fluke and not the result of too much pressure with an on-going negative impact. She could win this thing….but we all know that the judges scores DO matter, as does the free style.  An off week by Jacoby OR Val/Zendaya could leave the door open for the one of the other two ladies.  I’m also still not sure of Derek’s fanbase – did his fans say “screw it” after last season, to the point that it rests on Kellie and the average viewer?? No idea.

Heidi Still: I kinda feel like we are venturing into a bit of uncharted territory with the top four dancers: not just a singer, but a COUNTRY singer (who I think have fans that are beaten in passion only by the teenboppers ala Justin Bieber); a Disney Kid but not just any Disney Kid, the one they have pegged as the next big thing who would really benefit from winning this thing; A football player, but not just ANY football player, one that had a record breaking touchdown run in the most recent Super Bowl, and; an Olympian –  a RECENT, gold medal winning Olympian.  I dunno, but to me, this is a tough one to call. I’m thinking that the top three in the odds are correct – but I’m not at all certain that’s the order they’ll be in at the end of the day.